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Lightweight, practical, economical manual coffin lifter for frontal and lateral burial. Available in the variants Light Minimum, Light Medium and Light Maximum, which are distinguished by their coffin lifting capacity in height.

CE Certification
Available on MePA and other Italian network purchasing platforms.

Lightweight, practical and economical coffin lifter suitable for reaching all areas of cemeteries that cannot be reached by ordinary coffin lifters, such as walkways.

Thanks to the quick disassembly of some parts, the weight and space requirements are reduced, allowing it to be handled on staircases and steps. It can be easily loaded onto small vehicles even without loading ramps.

Light Minimum, Light Medium and Light Maximum are distinguished by their ability to lift the coffin and the materials needed for burial to a height that is suitable for the operator. A work ladder is recommended to enable the operator to carry out operations at height.

The supporting structure is made of steel, the lifting unit and the coffin top are made of aluminium alloy, a material known for its excellent strength/lightness ratio and resistance to a wide variety of chemical and atmospheric agents. Light's protective cover is ideal for storing the machine outside.

Light is lifting equipment that does not have to be notified to INAIL for commissioning. Check

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