Coffin lifter Scissors

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Steel and aluminium bedstead with pantograph lifting system (manual or electric) for burials up to the fourth row of burial niches. Load capacity 200 kg; min/max height reached 69/240 cm. Easy transport even on slopes.

CE Certification
Available on MePA and other Italian network purchasing platforms.

All-aluminium coffin lifter perfect for manual handling of coffins.

Scissors can be used at all stages of coffin handling: from unloading the coffin from the hearse, transporting the coffin in cemeteries (even over rough terrain), to lifting the coffin for burial in cemeteries.

The extension allows for loculi up to 4 rows to be reached, or for coffins to be transferred to equipment reaching greater heights such as the Magister. 

Pneumatic wheels and motorised traction enable handling even on slopes and uneven terrain.

Electromagnetic brake release and motorised traction complete the equipment for safe and practical handling.

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