Coffin lifter


Just 65 cm wide also buries in family chapels

large steering rudder


Wide steering facilitates handling in tight spaces


The puncture-resistant wheels make it stable during transport over rough GROUND.


It allows burial up to 4.30 metres and maintenance up to 6 metres high.


• Only 65 cm wide, it passes easily through narrow spaces such as family chapels.
• All versions mound up to 4.3 metres, reaching the sixth row of burial niches.
• With the Higher upper platform, which is approved for 2 operators, it becomes an elevating work platform for overhead maintenance up to 6 metres.
• It is easy to transport even on small vehicles.
• Thanks to the coffin plates with rollers, it allows frontal and lateral burial.
• The coffin lift facilitates the handling of marble gravestones.
• Four versions available and maximum versatility for all cemetery environments.





Basket plus

Removable and separable

Executive Coffin Plan

Con rulli direzionali

Backup hand pump

Standard in the Manual version

Higher Platform 

Omologata per 2 operatori

Lifting marble slabs

Moving marbles safely

Oversized stabilisers

Overcoming any height difference

Pneumatic wheels

Increase grip on uneven terrain

Plug-in roller conveyor

Allows the sliding of coffins with feet

PVC protective sheet

It protects the Magister from the bad weather

More and more cemetery managers are choosing Magister. 

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